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Thank You: Now, and Always 

No amount of words can ever be enough to express my gratitude to all the awe-mazing people in my life, but here goes... THANK YOU: To God, I'm amazed at how far you have brought me...that I'm even alive after all the risks I took and times I didn't send you. It is to your… Continue reading Thank You: Now, and Always 

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Who do you call, when you've tried, and gotten tired of voicing out, because no one lends you an ear? When all the salty water flows like a spring from your eyes, and dries up, leaving behind traces of sadness, which brand of make-up will be best for a disguise? When you know something in… Continue reading Soliloquy 

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Letters to You

Dear you, You drive me crazy such that I can't seem to get you off the wheels. The speed at which we're going is quite tempting, exhilarating and maddening.  "Enjoy the ride" you say to me with lips ever so inviting, but I'm familiar with this road on which we journey; it starts off at… Continue reading Letters to You

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Girl With Soul: Memory Lane 

A MEMOIR  I took a walk down memory lane; I tried moving step by step, careful not to jump too much over some painful parts lying in my path. I crawled and paused here and there to recollect the foggy bits. Still, I couldn't tread those terribly dark paths etched deep in my subconscious. I walked… Continue reading Girl With Soul: Memory Lane