Self-Discovery: A Journey

When people tell stories of how they overcame challenges and came into knowledge of themselves, it usually sounds like something that happened in a faraway place. This, I think is because the process is oftentimes overlooked in favour of the product.

In my discovery of self, I first established who I was not; I was not my background, neither was I unwanted. I am an Amazon, God’s beloved and a blessing.
I can affirm these with confidence now, but it wasn’t always the case because self-discovery is not always something that randomly happens to you. But then again, I have discovered bits of myself in places where I wasn’t even looking.

Overtime, I have had to dig up the dirt to discover the treasures that lay within me. With each layer I dug, I found parts of me that had been buried in unwholesomeness – shame at being rejected by my father, guilt for circumstances that weren’t my fault and an overall negative self-image that influenced my relationship with people.

Now, I look back on how far I’ve come, all the battles I’ve won with God’s help and realise that everything has helped me metamorphose into the resilient person that I am now. Although, I am far from perfect, I am convinced that this is not the end; there’s still so much more to me that I am yet to discover.

My gratitude lies with the amazing people in my life who I know without a doubt will walk the journey with me and the numerous experiences that molded me into the product I am now – solid GOLD.

How has your journey been?

5 thoughts on “Self-Discovery: A Journey

  1. I have had my fair share of self-image MakeUp, after a long battle to accept the fact that I was different. I am not totally out of the woods, but my perception of self is less murky now. I have also being privileged to have a good education, & caring parents, and friends. Though about that friend part, I am skeptical nowadays about loyalty or what I mean to people. They seem to leave without looking back. The heaviest moment of my recent history was when I published my book. At that period of my life, I felt like nothing. I was confused, distraught & suicidal. But somehow the books gave me solace, and with the meet ups, praise and micro recognition that came with it, I had my esteem back up a bit. Most of my life has be defined by figuring. Figuring, I still am.


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