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Sweetheart, I Love You.

My Hope (s)

I hope with you I won’t have to act different.
The bad days won’t come to stay
That every doubt will go away.
That we smile more and laugh more…and do more.
That I don’t have to fake everything being fine when it’s actually not.

I hope that with you, I’ll be able to drop the fake smiles I show people and put on a real one.
That the creative genius in us will never die,
And we shine bright like the brightest star in the night sky

I hope…
I never get to feel hurt and alone when I’m with you
Or feel insecure (even when I am, I hope I can find comfort in you).

I hope I won’t have to worry about holding back with you…
That when we fight we won’t sleep till we’ve made up
That when words are lost our hearts will find a way to speak…
That I be the reason you smile even in the worst of weeks,
That your face lights up and your heart catches fire at the thought of me.
I hope me & you becomes “WE”

For Sily.

Notice: this was something heartfelt that I typed and sent to my boyfriend (now ex) in 2019 when we just started dating. I stumbled across it on my Google Keep app. Oh well, there goes hope, lol.

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