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The Other Day (26/9/)

Pre-script: this post is long overdue.

By the way, I really don’t know if there’s anything like pre-script.🙃

The other day was my birthday; a day among days, but still a day like any other day. Atleast to me, because my mother thought differently. She sang the birthday anthem (yes, anthem), fussed all over me, and complained about not being able to bake me a cake for me that day (she still baked it on the 30th, and I mixed sugar and butter till my arms and palms hurt😅), and get me the perfect gift when she was and is still the best gift any child could ask for.

“Hope you had fun?”
“How’s the day going?”
“Where’s my cake?”
“Hope you celebrated it?”
“Hope you had a swell time?”

Those were some of the questions people kept asking me at the end of the day. There’s nothing wrong with the questions, or being hyped about THE DAY, I ask them too. It’s just… I don’t really attach much importance to ‘days’. It’s memories, experiences, moments, etc that freak me, and I feel sometimes it shouldn’t always be about you.

Quick tip: if you’re looking for the perfect thing to do on your birthday or any day, do something good for someone else, just because. It doesn’t always have to be about you. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Now that I’ve established the fact before the quick tip, let’s go on a journey shall we?

MORNING (wee hours):
Someone special was the first to send me wishes.😁
For some reason I couldn’t sleep, so I surfed the net and downloaded songs (MTN 12-7 a.m bonus cannot coman waste or ‘west’ like some people pronounce it😉) till my eyes couldn’t stay open anymore.

MORNING(late hours):
I woke up (ofcourse I did for me to be typing this😅) late feeling groggy and ‘somehow’ with a big pimple on my chin.
Then I prayed and thought to myself “this rain that’s falling is a sign of my blessings o”
Meanwhile everywhere was still wet and cold from the previous night’s rain. I was to go collect a pair of shoe I forgot in the hostel back in school from a friend at Mile 2, but she wasn’t picking up her phone, then I gave up hope of going out. Like, I can’t even stress myself.
Then the unwanted happened – my phone went off. Worse still, my power bank didn’t have life in it, and NEPA had struck (please, they’ll always remain ‘NEPA’ to me😂).

Still no sign of light. I was feeling cranky, dull and bloated. Why would I start having PMS (ladies you know this, guys err…) today when I’m supposed to be up and about?
Sigh. They wouldn’t even gimme light to charge phone atleast. I knew people would be trying to reach me. It was my birthday for God’s sake. Arrgggh Naija!

I was bored stiff by now, tired of my country, praying for a miracle, dreaming of the movies I was yet to watch and reflecting on my journey to becoming and how God has carefully held me in the hollow of His hands never letting me go even when I let Him go several times. Prodigal daughter like me.😔
I’m the kind of person that’s very introspective, so imagine how many tabs were open in my head.

They – almighty power holding people – finally brought the light, and I charged my phone. Some calls still came through, and I was overwhelmed at the messages, texts, and shout outs I saw on my phone. It really warmed my heart, and truth be told my day started at the end of the day.


In response to this post, someone asked: “what are your goals for this new age.”
“To be more consistent in the things that matter.”

That is my major goal. I want to look back on this new year in 2019 when I’ll be 22 and proudly say I’ve improved my level of consistency in the things that truly matter in EVERY area of my life.

So, while there was no photo shoot or parry, I’m thankful and blessed to be among the lineage of Grace. No particular person made my day, EVERYONE did in one unique way or another.

Post-script: this post would have been longer, but I don’t want to bore you guys.

Got to go, thank you for reading about my uneventful birthday. Leave a comment will you? 🤗

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