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Letters to You

Dear you,

You drive me crazy such that I can’t seem to get you off the wheels. The speed at which we’re going is quite tempting, exhilarating and maddening.  “Enjoy the ride” you say to me with lips ever so inviting, but I’m familiar with this road on which we journey; it starts off at a fast and promising pace, but the end is always abrupt and saddening. The best option for me now is to jump out through the window of caution while it’s still open. I’ve seen it happen in movies and the actors seem to turn out alright, all I need do is harden my heart. I can do it, I will do it – jump. Yes, it’ll hurt, but I’d rather hurt a little now, than continue with you on this reckless trip and die with a broken heart in a messy wreck of feelings. I will not let you convince me otherwise, no, I will not even look into your eyes; your tongue is full of spice and your eyes full of lies. You’ve trained yourself in the art of driving through those before me. In your heart lies books of tricks and safety measures – not love. That’s why in every wreckage you’re the one who manages to come out ‘unharmed’. 

No! I won’t let you ruin me; love can go to hell for all I care, but I won’t be going with it.

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