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I Love…

  1. Listening to music:   Especially when I find myself in one of those long annoying queues and on long trips. Ha! I remember when I travelled to Enugu from Lagos. That was a veeeery long trip. So, I get my earphones plugged in and enjoy the🎵
  2. Reading: I give my mum credit for this one. She imbibed the reading  culture into me from childhood.📖
  3. Knitting: this is one hobby that calms me and helps me unleash my creativity. Plus it’s really not hard once you get the hang of it and watch YouTube tutorials.
  4. Writing: Pen and paper kind of writing, you know… putting down thoughts and ideas as they come (sometimes, even if it’s just to admire my handwriting 😁). I express myself better in writing, and it helps me make sense of my feelings and stay sane sometimes. Watch out for my book o.😉
  5. Research: both on and offline on everything and topic under the sun. I am very inquisitive, so I 🔎 out answers. I still have an interest in Psychology even though I couldn’t study it at uni. 
  6. Taking walks:         Evenings please! Hey, I’m not old or anything, this girl just likes to clear her head, enjoy nature and the little things of life that we tend to overlook. ☺
  7. Taking pictures of, and watching sunrise and sunsets: I have a some streaks of photography freakiness, lol. 😜 🌄🌅
  8. Being by myself/enjoying my own company: once in a while, I like to go out alone or just basically enjoy “me time” so I can organize my thoughts/life and reflect away from the bustle of life and people’s expectations of you. Besides, social gatherings and small talk wear me out real fast. Funny thing is I actually don’t consider myself a complete introvert. Maybe ambivert…🤔
  9.  Drawing: Ah… don’t underestimate me man. When I’m in the mood, I can pull off some nice stuff.😊
  10. People-watching: Yassss! Especially if I’m in a busy place. 👀 I don’t mean what staring rudely or… say, looking around restlessly in a reception when you’re waiting for your turn with someone e.g a doctor or business related visits, and you’re just bored stiff. I mean intentional observation of people and happenings around you. Sometimes, I wonder “where are all these people hurrying to?” I try to imagine what their lives are like and stuff like that, then I get inspired to write a poem or something. Not all the time though.

If I remember others, I’ll update this post. ✌

Hey, share yours with me. What do YOU enjoy doing?? Which one of mine can you relate to or you think is weird?

6 thoughts on “I Love…

  1. 1. Music!
    Yea, those music with cute lyrics and beats… Gets me every time…
    2. Drawing!
    Ah… my one time hobby, more important issues of life took me away from its path but I could still do a thing or two..
    3. Enjoy learning calculations which people think are hard.. but mehn… pheeew, you go get headache…
    4. I enjoy friendships… The laughter, the fights etc.. Shout out to my cool pals.. (Sue… Yea.. time holds a lot for us both, believe it or not)
    (High Dee… crazy paddy.. miss you bro)


  2. I can relate to number 4, 6, and 8 (especially number 8).
    I love being alone to gather my thoughts.
    I love driving around the neighborhood with nothing to do.
    I love writing poetry but then again thst falls with your number 4

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