Beautiful piece by the lovely Victoria, you like?

Victoria Ajose

The beauty of Africa is in her hair…her wonderful natural hair, with a texture like no other. A colour no one can comprehend. It moves to the wind as though it were a feather. Her green hair with colourful stands. Strands that are complete in themselves.

The beauty of Africa is in her eyes… red as clay and clear as day. The water body that sits in her eyes, help themselves to each part of her body, moisturizing her skin, leaving her fruitful. Yes her fruits are full of themselves taking up such pride and ego. Even their presence speak for themselves

The beauty of Africa is in her nose… she breeds out different scents but never loses the scent of her offspring. They spring up as heirs and heiresses with a scent of power and pride, riding on horses with their head held high.

The beauty of Africa is…

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God’s Diamonds

Nature is beautiful in it’s simplicity that we tend to overlook it.

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God left diamonds

in my garden today

Draped elegantly over tall

wild grasses

clinging in teardrop perfection

from the arch of an unfurling koru

God left diamonds

in my garden today

The sun pushing a rainbow

paradigm through this

sparkling rare

jewel of Nature

God left diamonds

in my garden today

Worn with a breathtaking beauty

a spider’s web is adorned

Dripping in dew-drop diamonds

A lavish gold in sunlight

Every color of

every gem in any brilliant spectrum

lies here at my feet

in the garden

the beauty around me

The Earth

She is my wealth –

God left diamonds in my garden…

Kait King 2017

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