Fragmented Soul

I was still budding when with evil intentions your hands expertly and thoughtlessly plucked me from my stalk.

Impatient being that you are! You couldn’t wait till summer…

   you…you stole my innocence before I could bloom. I didn’t even get to know how it feels for colourful butterflies to perch on my delicate petals.

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The Good Times

“kiss me”

You whisper to me standing on the stairs. It’s quite late in the night but thanks to the moon I can clearly male out your features. I need no further invitation, as the space between us ceases to exist within seconds  as our lips lock and the key is lost for what seems like a brief eternity.

I  savored every single second,  like a hungry person eating a meal that’s well flavored. Yes,  yes,  I hunger for you… Sadly,  it’s time for you to be gone. Disengagement for me,  is akin to a state of estrangement. Yet , it must be done. As much as I love our passionate moments, I hate parting. After all these months you’d think I have adapted, but NO!  My soul still yearns for you… I can’t even trust myself to speak as you bid me good night.

As your feet find their way down the stairs, I hear you say them; those three words that stroke a cord in my very being coming from you, travels to my ears like good news from far country

“I love you”  then silence…  It’s like you never uttered a word. Only the sound of your footsteps echoing as you make your way down the flight of stairs reminds me that you really did say something beyond words to me. The air, as of sensing the flutter in my heart and jealous of my euphoric state,  attempts to snatch the words from my hearts grasp…but I beat it to the chase; both the spoken and unspoken words sinking into my being.

So many things run through my mind as I stand here gazing longingly at your silhouette disappearing into the night downstairs. A part of me desperately wishes you’d look for an excuse to come back… oh well,  I know that won’t happen as I finally, I have lost sight of you yet, I still stand partially rooted to this spot.    Why is love like this sef ???                     As the cool night breeze caresses my skin resulting in goose bumps, I shiver a little from the chill of the night and I admit it’s time to go into my room and dream of you. I know you wouldn’t be happy anyway, if you find out I’m out here exposing myself to the merciless cold.

Sigh… Till I see you again…

Love, Sweet (that’s what you call me).


Beautiful piece by the lovely Victoria, you like?


The beauty of Africa is in her hair…her wonderful natural hair, with a texture like no other. A colour no one can comprehend. It moves to the wind as though it were a feather. Her green hair with colourful stands. Strands that are complete in themselves.

The beauty of Africa is in her eyes… red as clay and clear as day. The water body that sits in her eyes, help themselves to each part of her body, moisturizing her skin, leaving her fruitful. Yes her fruits are full of themselves taking up such pride and ego. Even their presence speak for themselves

The beauty of Africa is in her nose… she breeds out different scents but never loses the scent of her offspring. They spring up as heirs and heiresses with a scent of power and pride, riding on horses with their head held high.

The beauty of Africa is…

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20 Signs Your Friend Is a ‘Lifer’

2c2039d4635f4a55db88568837b57a22                  There’s a saying that 20 friends cannot stay together for 20 years. True!  We’re all humans, and the fact that the friends in our lives don’t display these signs doesn’t make them bad. Still, you’ll agree with me that there are friends that are like family and are part of your indispensable ‘inner circle’.

For some people, the list below may seem like a wish list, but I believe that some things we wish for are actually things someone out there has!  So,  yes, ‘lifers ‘ do exist.  Your friendship may not be perfect but these signs tell you that it’s worth every sacrifice and investment put into it.

In no particular order, here’s how to identify a ‘lifer’ :

  1. They are there for you when no one else is, as the situation demands.
  2. When you’re celebrating anything special, or maybe they just have you in mind,  they know just the right gift that will make you smile ☺ (I once got a bracelet with my name customised on it, and boy did i flaunt it! It seemed small, but it was hand-crafted and it warmed my heart to know that she actually invested time into a gift!).
  3. You don’t just ‘hang out’,  you stand out anywhere you go.
  4. A lifer is genuinely interested in knowing what’s going on your life,  mundane and complicated or not.
  5. They pray for you even when nothing is particularly wrong (very invaluable , I tell you).
  6. They take time away from the typical  social media life to ACTUALLY CALL you,  just to hear your voice and catch up if they’re far away at school or wherever. And when you hang up,you feel refreshed; like a cool drink just hit your parched throat. ( You know that part in commercials when they make that satisfactory ‘aaah’ sound? ).
  7. they make fruitful efforts to spend quality time with you. (This is key for me. I mean, how can you know someone if you guys don’t spend time together?)
  8. You don’t have to take on another personality when you’re with them just to appear ‘cool’  (you’re totally YOURSELF).
  9. When they say ”I miss(ed) you”, you know it’s true.
  10. You’ve given them a part of you, and a part of them is with you; that’s trust at it’s peak!
  11. Their lifestyle pleases God. Hence, you’re interactions are edifying.
  12. Even when you take selfies, your genuine bond and smiles can be sensed by others.
  13. Looking back you realise that they have encouraged you to be better in all spheres of life.
  14. They believe  in your dreams, goals and aspirations enough to support you (even when they don’t fully grasp their enormity ).
  15. They have made sacrifices just to see you smile and make your friendship grow.
  16. Your friendship challenges others.
  17. Want to have a sleepover? Your parents don’t have a problem with it, because they can attest to your friend’s positive influence. (err… I know this may not be applicable in all cases, especially African homes, or people with extremely conservative parents).
  18. Such a friend adds tremendous value to your life , and they also respect your laid down values.
  19. They know all about your ‘issues’ and help you through them by pointing you to one who is always ready to rescue us from the struggles of youth: God.
  20. Different strokes for different folks! So, free free to add yours in the comment box as number 20…


   Always, Sue.                                                              

God’s Diamonds

Nature is beautiful in it’s simplicity that we tend to overlook it.

The writer's blogk

Gods Diamonds 7d9eebc0cd7e02435bcf750956ebccba

God left diamonds

in my garden today

Draped elegantly over tall

wild grasses

clinging in teardrop perfection

from the arch of an unfurling koru

God left diamonds

in my garden today

The sun pushing a rainbow

paradigm through this

sparkling rare

jewel of Nature

God left diamonds

in my garden today

Worn with a breathtaking beauty

a spider’s web is adorned

Dripping in dew-drop diamonds

A lavish gold in sunlight

Every color of

every gem in any brilliant spectrum

lies here at my feet

in the garden

the beauty around me

The Earth

She is my wealth –

God left diamonds in my garden…

Kait King 2017

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My Day

Morning for me,

is a greeting from the good old radiant sun

spreading warmth on my face and stirring me awake

the serenity of this time of the day mustn’t go to waste.

Acknowledgements are made to my creator,

then fresh inspiration in my head leads to words on the pages of my notebook

but there’s something else…


Noon is spent in the book room,

away from the sun which has lost it’s morning goodness

and has become scorching on my caramel skin

Hence, I take to

glimpsing into the minds of great ones before me.

Still, there’s something else…


Night is more like when my day comes to life.

Tranquility of the morning having returned,

new ideas are birthed,

the past is reviewed,

the future comes into view,

and  the gift and goal of today is revived.


Throughout my day,

something  journeys with me;

guiding, advising, reminding

and keeping me company just like any loyal friend would

is the person of the Holy Spirit.