Self-Discovery: A Journey

When people tell stories of how they overcame challenges and came into knowledge of themselves, it usually sounds like something that happened in a faraway place. This, I think is because the process is oftentimes overlooked in favour of the product. In my discovery of self, I first established who I was not; I was… Continue reading Self-Discovery: A Journey

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Sweetheart, I Love You.

My Hope (s) I hope with you I won't have to act different.The bad days won't come to stayThat every doubt will go away.That we smile more and laugh more...and do more.That I don’t have to fake everything being fine when it’s actually not. I hope that with you, I'll be able to drop the… Continue reading Sweetheart, I Love You.

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The Other Day (26/9/)

Pre-script: this post is long overdue. By the way, I really don't know if there's anything like pre-script.🙃 The other day was my birthday; a day among days, but still a day like any other day. Atleast to me, because my mother thought differently. She sang the birthday anthem (yes, anthem), fussed all over me,… Continue reading The Other Day (26/9/)


You’re Always On My Mind

"To 2017, for kickstarting my journey to becoming. And…to you reading this lenghty stuff, thanks a whole lot!" Sigh. I quoted what I'd typed on December 31st, 2017. Looking back, yes, 2017 did kickstart my journey to becoming, like a warm-up, and 2018 has so far brought me further into the process. If you read… Continue reading You’re Always On My Mind